A downloadable game for Windows

One year everything filled with terror around us, the only thing we could do is survive.
The DEMO includes 3 levels

You can bind buttons to your liking in Options> Gameplay>Contols. If you get into problems while binding, press F12, it will return the controls to default.

    ENTER -
    ANALOG STICKS - Move & Shoot
    "START" -


This game is an early demo, we appreciate the feedback! Thank you~

Updated 9 days ago
Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2020, smashtv, Top down shooter, why, year

Install instructions

  • Unzip, then run the exe.


Whatta Horrible Year EARLY DEMO v2.zip 188 MB


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this game is very good, and i discovered how to change the sprites and i put SrPelo outfit only clothing xd

Sr pelo, este juego es muy bueno y entretenido, aunque algo dificil pero asi esta bien, me encanta. 10/10

Made a video

i dont know if this is intended or not added in yet because its a demo, because if thats the case then can you pretty please add a way for me to bind the shoot controls to my mouse because i cant do crap with arrow keys, other than that, good job! the game is fun.

I found out you could just go in a loop to kill the virus that kills you at the end and was disapointed when there wasnt a secret or anything. that doesnt matter though cause this game is super good
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haha very cool. 馃槓

Pelo maldita sea este juego esta buenisimo

Also, tienes que nerfear la burbuja. Es basicamente un punto de vida mas.


The game is Awesome!

Didn't play something so cool in a while!


looks cool also this text looks cool

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POR FAVOR, SR PELO  COLOCA  MOkey como o inimigo


Already lots of fun, I look forward to more updates :D

Hello Sr pelo, the game is really good but when I tried playing it again, I didnt let me move, so i wasnt able to take the gun or calendar, i restarted the game and the issue went on. please fix this problem. byeeee

Try going to options and press F12

You should be able to press F12 at any point in the game to reset your binding.

This game is great, the art is very cool, the sounds and music are not that great but dont make you wanna turn of the volume, the gameplay itself its very arcady and chaotic, i love this genre of game and i hope to see more of this game in the future!


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Might i ask, but what was the Engine used for this game? I haven't tried it yet but I'm a fan you SrPelo so the game is good

this game was maded with game maker 2

Really neat game, only managed to die to [REDACTED] and to the overload of branches. The sprites are very well made, congrats to the whole team. \[T]/

This is quite enjoyable for just a demo, but I have some personal small problems. It's more of just pet peeves more than anything.
-The lack of being able to aim with my mouse was kinda weird. Feel like it would be a bit more enjoyable if I were able to do so.
-I feel like the powerups should have some kind of indicator when it is close to ending. I say this as I generally got closer with the shotgun and I tried to shoot the Soldier with the shooty shooty bang bang with my shotgun. However, it literally ended right before I got to shoot him and promptly got hit since I expected him to be dead. I could just be bad but just a suggestion.
-If I'm on the very top and I get hit, I can't see how much HP I have since its off screen. 
-More often than not I kept getting hit by enemies coming out literally right behind me, perhaps make a small indicator when the door is about to open/when the enemies are about to come out. It shouldn't be too long but just enough to let us register that they are coming and maneuver our way at least get away so we don't get hit instantly.
Hopefully I don't come out as nitpicking or something. I honestly had a lot of fun for such a short experience and simple game. You don't HAVE to do anything I say, just feedback really. Sorry for the longer than average read I didn't know how to shorten it.

Thank you for your suggestions Lon!

eyyy lmao


Good game, I love being killed again and again by the [REDACTED]. Thanks and awesome game!!


Game is very good, but a health bar for bosses would be nice


veeery niiiice video game

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i love it but it would be nice to have a life bar for the bosses i wnat to know if am close idk is just an idea




Excited for the full releas


Hehe ma chi si vede,il tizio che mi ha consigliato il gioco qualche minuto fa! Comunque  si,anche io sono eccitatissimo per il full release


this is very neato

What engine does it use


Gamemaker Studio 2


What the guy below said mouse controls would be nice

Otherwise sick

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The game is cool but here's some issues I ran into:

- You can screw up the game entirely by binding keys in a certain way. (I set the shoot bindings to WASD and it removed the movement options entirely, making it impossible to even play the game.)

-I usually enjoy mouse controls for shooting rather than using keys, could you work on an option for mouse controls in the future?

Needs some work but its pretty sweet.


Thank you for the feedback!! In the meantime, you can press F12 to reset your bindings.


ok, thanks a lot! :)


-I really like the art, looks good.

-The gameplay is fun and arcady,but needs more different enemies.

Sound design is decent i would say,nothing special.

Overall 3.5/5

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very cool




nice :)





Nice game! played 23724709847 hours of it and gotta say this game is pretty good